Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Our Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer represents bikers and motorcycle passengers injured in negligently caused traffic accidents. Compensable motorcycle accident injuries can include those caused by:

  • negligence of other drivers
  • negligence of motorcyclist (for injuries to passenger)
  • defects in motorcycles
  • helmet defects
  • negligence related to road maintenance, construction, and repair

Because bikers are protected by nothing more than helmets and clothing, they are especially susceptible to severe accident injuries or death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), biker deaths are 27 times more common than deaths of other drivers. Injuries to bikers who survive traffic accidents can be catastrophic. They may include:

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

Cases handled by our Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer frequently involve motorcycle crash injuries caused by driver negligence. Motorcycles can easily be overlooked by larger vehicles, making bikers highly vulnerable to traffic accidents. Some of the most common examples of driver negligence causal of motorcycle accidents include:

  • failure to keep a lookout for bikers
  • failure to yield the right of way to bikers
  • failure to give motorcycles a sufficiently wide berth
  • following too closely behind motorcyclists
  • failing to signal before changing lanes
  • other traffic law and road rule violations

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Road Construction / Repair

Poorly maintained roads and badly designed construction or repair sites can also result in motorcycle accidents and serious injuries to bikers. Certain companies and individuals responsible for road maintenance, construction, and repair may be liable for motorcycle accident injuries caused by their negligence. Note: Governmental entities may be immune from liability under State law.

Examples of road condition, construction, or repair conditions that may lead to motorcycle accidents include:

  • unrepaired pot holes and other road damage
  • uneven pavement
  • debris left on roadways
  • inadequately lighted and posted construction or repair zones
  • inadequate warnings regarding pavement conditions, lane changes, and other dangers
  • poorly designed off / on ramps for road construction or repair

Accidents and Injuries due to Defective Cycles and Helmets

Motorcycle Defects

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) govern the manufacture of motorcycles. Cycle defects (due to FMVSS violations or other design, manufacturing, or warning flaws) may contribute to motorcycle accidents. If a defect causes or contributes to an accident, the manufacturer and others in the chain of distribution can be liable for resultant injuries and deaths. Bike defects that may contribute to or cause motorcycle accidents include:

  • faulty brakes
  • defective tires
  • stability defects that cause bikes to wobble in high speed conditions

Helmet Defects

Properly designed motorcycle helmets provide important protections in motorcycle crashes. While defective helmets do not cause cycle accidents, they can significantly increase the severity of riders’ injuries (known as “enhanced injuries”). Helmet defects that may cause these injuries and lead to liability of helmet manufacturers and others include:

  • inadequate padding
  • inadequate coverage (helmet too small or not covering vulnerable areas)
  • inadequate fit (too loose, easily comes off riders’ heads)
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