Philadelphia Wrongful Death Lawyer

Our Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer represents people who suffered damages due to a family member’s wrongful death (a death caused by negligence or other misconduct). Family members who may be entitled to recover damages under Pennsylvania’s wrongful death law include the deceased person’s:

  • spouse
  • children (adult or minor), and / or
  • parents

Damages available to some or all of these surviving family members may include:

  • financial support the decedent would have provided to the family members had he or she survived
  • funeral expenses
  • medical expenses related to the decedent’s fatal injury that were paid by the family members
  • food, clothing, and housing costs
  • education costs
  • gifts
  • parental services
  • value of companionship, emotional support, and love

The percentage of a wrongful death award paid to each surviving family member is determined according to the State’s intestacy laws. These laws dictate the division of inherited assets when a decedent dies without leaving a valid will.

Survival Actions

Actions filed by a Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer may also include survival actions. A survival action is a claim the decedent could have brought against the party responsible for the decedent’s injuries if the decedent had survived.

While wrongful death actions compensate a decedent’s survivors for their own losses, survival actions compensate the decedent (as represented by the decedent’s estate). Survival action damages may include the following losses suffered by the decedent between his or her injury and resultant death:

  • medical and other expenses and costs
  • loss of income
  • pain and suffering

Survival action damages are paid to the decedent’s estate. They are then distributed according to the terms of the decedent’s will or the laws of intestacy, if the decedent died without a will.

Negligence Wrongful Death Cases

Many of the cases handled by our Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer include cases involving deaths caused by someone’s negligence. These may include cases related to:

Defective Product Wrongful Death Cases

Attorney Arnold also handles cases involving wrongful deaths caused by defects in drugs, medical devices, and other products. These may include:

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